IRLP and Echolink nodes now back on air

The IRLP and Echolink nodes are now testing and in beta form on-air through GB3OA. The repeater keepers apologise for the time it has taken to re-instate them but, as regular readers know, a new server had to be purchased.

It is unlikely that they will be off-air while the testing phase is advanced as this can be done live on-air.

We now ask all past users to try both the Echolink, and especially the IRLP node, so we can tweak the nodes with precision. As mentioned, this can be done while you’re having a QSO. Please give your callsign as normal.

Those users who are experienced in using IRLP, we ask that if you find a problem to think about its possible cause, and submit a report to:


We may just reply a Thanks, and not any detail on the possible cause….

Hopefully it may get some interesting use over the next four days with licenced spectators before and after The Open hours.

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News on the IRLP and Echolink nodes

Hi guys. We’ve had a couple of emails from regular users of GB3OA’s IRLP facility requesting the latest news on returning IRLP and Echolink onto the air.

Unfortunately, when the original server that ran IRLP and Echolink became faulty and was investigated, after solving faults it was found that others had appeared and now it has been decided to lay that particular server to rest.

For those that don’t know the technical part of IRLP in detail, if you’ve been running an IRLP node in the past it’s not a matter of just replacing one PC for another. The technical and documents submission process for running an IRLP node on a new local server has to be gone through partially again with the powers that be in Canada who ‘own’ the IRLP mode. They ensure that before the node comes on air it is working fully and assigned correctly within the IRLP servers in Canada. This ensures that someone who wants to run an IRLP node but knows nowt about it, can’t.

So the latest situation with GB3OA’s IRLP and Echolink node is that a new local server has to be purchased and configured etc. with the guys in Canada. As can be imagined, it’s impossible to say when the nodes will be back on-air, but be assured that all is being implemented so they’re back on as soon as possible.

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Update on IRLP/Echolink linking

Hi guys. Although there’s not much to report, the IRLP/Echolink server is being upgraded and fully tested before coming on-air. There’s no way that a time frame can be stated for this, but very hopefully sooner than later. Apologies to all, and there’s a number, who do use this feature of GB3OA Southport.
When it does re-appear there’s a matter of using it. As normal with your licence, give your callsign (slowly) once connected to another node or a reflector. And remember that we have a tie with the Kathmandu repeater and node, 9N1SP (5511), in Nepal near Mt.Everest.
Operators may or may not remember that Kathmandu was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015. As an answer to the earthquake disaster, to help with comms in any further disasters, a 2m repeater and node has been mounted on a building of the Pulchowk Engineering Campus at Tribhuvan University. Electronics and Radio students took the Radio Amateurs Exam and were given ICOM HTs for both normal and emergency use. When linking to have a chat with them in Kathmandu remember that they are five hours ahead of us….
So, very hopefully the IRLP/Echolink nodes will be back on-air imminently. RF-to-RF QSOs are not affected.

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The Stream now back up and running

After some time The Stream is now available throughout the World again. The Stream’s web page is unchanged at:

The Stream

If you have VLC MEDIA PLAYER (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.en-GB.html)  just go to menu item Open Network Stream and add:

Alternatively, you can use Shoutcast.com in your web browser.

Owing to the close proximity of trees between The Stream’s receiver and GB3OA Southport repeater,  the received signal strength is about 5.7.

Again, apologies to all listeners for the downtime.

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Problems with The Stream at GB3OA Southport

Those that use the GB3OA repeater’s stream will have noticed today that it has been unavailable (if you’re not sure what this is go to http://gb3oa.org.uk and go to The Stream page).

It’s a long story but two software patches didn’t go well. In the end it was decided that as The Stream was running on a version 1 Raspberry Pi, and there was a version 2 unused, to go ahead and upgrade by using the v.2 and the new Linux Debian Jessie kernel. This has now been installed and it’s now a matter of configuring Alsa, Darkice, Lame and wifi (google if you’re not sure what these are and are interested).

There is quite a lot of configuring to be done, as well as connecting the Pi to the server we use, which is down in the depths of g*d-knows-where on this planet, which then feeds our stream to Shoutcast.

Hopefully it will be finalised and streaming again within a day or two to the world, and our regular listeners in Canada, the US, India, South Africa, and Aussie.

Further News on IRLP and Echolink on OA: these will be down for some time owing to intensive work commitments. RF QSOs through OA are not affected.

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