News on the IRLP and Echolink nodes

Hi guys. We’ve had a couple of emails from regular users of GB3OA’s IRLP facility requesting the latest news on returning IRLP and Echolink onto the air.

Unfortunately, when the original server that ran IRLP and Echolink became faulty and was investigated, after solving faults it was found that others had appeared and now it has been decided to lay that particular server to rest.

For those that don’t know the technical part of IRLP in detail, if you’ve been running an IRLP node in the past it’s not a matter of just replacing one PC for another. The technical and documents submission process for running an IRLP node on a new local server has to be gone through partially again with the powers that be in Canada who ‘own’ the IRLP mode. They ensure that before the node comes on air it is working fully and assigned correctly within the IRLP servers in Canada. This ensures that someone who wants to run an IRLP node but knows nowt about it, can’t.

So the latest situation with GB3OA’s IRLP and Echolink node is that a new local server has to be purchased and configured etc. with the guys in Canada. As can be imagined, it’s impossible to say when the nodes will be back on-air, but be assured that all is being implemented so they’re back on as soon as possible.

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