Problems with The Stream at GB3OA Southport

Those that use the GB3OA repeater’s stream will have noticed today that it has been unavailable (if you’re not sure what this is go to and go to The Stream page).

It’s a long story but two software patches didn’t go well. In the end it was decided that as The Stream was running on a version 1 Raspberry Pi, and there was a version 2 unused, to go ahead and upgrade by using the v.2 and the new Linux Debian Jessie kernel. This has now been installed and it’s now a matter of configuring Alsa, Darkice, Lame and wifi (google if you’re not sure what these are and are interested).

There is quite a lot of configuring to be done, as well as connecting the Pi to the server we use, which is down in the depths of g*d-knows-where on this planet, which then feeds our stream to Shoutcast.

Hopefully it will be finalised and streaming again within a day or two to the world, and our regular listeners in Canada, the US, India, South Africa, and Aussie.

Further News on IRLP and Echolink on OA: these will be down for some time owing to intensive work commitments. RF QSOs through OA are not affected.

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