Operating GB3OA

Operating Guidelines

  • Access to this repeater isn’t possible by using a 1750Hz toneburst – a CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz is needed at all times. If you have older equipment that doesn’t have CTCSS see below.
  • As with all new 2m repeaters the receiver has a 12.5kHz filter. If your transceiver has the menu option please set it to “Narrow FM”. Otherwise back off from the mic or your audio will be badly clipped.
  • The ICS Linker II logic acts like most other standard repeater controllers. There are no bells and whistles, and the timeout is set for five minutes (four minutes on Echolink) – the repeater will just drop out, it won’t reset until the input channel becomes clear, and on Echolink OA will disconnect the distant end.
  • GB3OA can also be connected to either the IRLP or Echolink networks (see seperate Internet Linking page).
  • Don’t expect too much DX – the coverage area is deliberately kept balanced between its transmit power of five watts and receive sensitivity.
  • Above all use the repeater sensibly, giving consideration to other users.

Have older equipment that doesn’t have CTCSS?

NOTE! This board is now not available but kept here in case it does appear back on the market.

A new CTCSS board now enables mutli-tone CTCSS at the push of a button in older equipment.

g8wal ctcss_singleThe PBCT1LP – postage stamp size

This is only available via Ebay – search for G8WAL CTCSS board.

An interesting demo of a board fitted to a Yaesu FT290 is available too…

Have any questions? Contact us at repeater5302 (at) gmail (dot) com

5 Responses to Operating GB3OA

  1. Howard Parker says:

    Like the new website 😀

    73’s G4JTP

  2. Nick J Hudson says:

    Please do you know where I can get the The PBCT1B G8WAL CTCSS board? I have searched in vain. I have a FT290R. Thanks, Nick, M0OJO Reading

  3. revengant says:

    Hi Nick. It does indeed seem that this board has now gone AWOL. Even the G6OHM website page is not available now. Pity.

  4. g6ohm says:

    Take a look at G8TMV CTCSS Board available on EBAY about £20

  5. Paul Taylor says:

    Hi, the PBCT1A boards are available albeit in much smaller form. Email paul.pyetelecom@gmail.com. BR. G8WAL

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