Operating Guidelines

  • In line with the latest guidelines, the repeater is set to narrow deviation FM.
  • On FM, a CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz is required for access.
  • The repeater is a Yaesu DR-2XE. It is configured to use both C4FM and standard FM. It’s one mode or the other, not both together. If the repeater detects C4FM, its output will also be C4FM, if it detects analogue, then it’s analogue on the output. It switches between the two automatically.
  • The repeater is equipped with Wires-X. Normally, the repeater will be linked to room Wires-X 05324 (SW-LANCS). You are free to disconnect and then connect up to wherever you like. Please remember once you’ve finished to disconnect, after which the repeater will link itself back to SW-LANCS.
  • There is also a YSF reflector (number 01704) that’s named GB-SW-LANCS, this is RF bridged to Wires-X room SW-LANCS and enables those who don’t have access to GB3OA locally to be able to use it. Please note, we do not encourage anyone to cross link either SW-LANCS or GB-SW-LANCS to larger groups, the desire has always been to provide local coverage only. There are many other excellent larger wide area groups if that’s what you’re after. Obviously we’re perfectly happy for those out of range of GB3OA to connect up their hotspots to GB-SW-LANCS. More information on linking can be found on the linking page.
  • Don’t expect too much DX – the coverage area is deliberately kept balanced to keep within the limitations of the NOV and to provide predominantly local coverage.
  • Due to limitations of the onboard logic, no courtesy tone (e.g. a ‘K’) is given when the repeater is in analogue mode. The squelch tail is set to 2.5 seconds so you can at least check whether you’re getting in.
  • In analogue mode, the repeater is set to ID (in CW) every fifteen minutes.
  • Above all use the repeater sensibly, giving consideration to other users.


More details can be found on the linking page, but here’s a short summary of what GB3OA is linked to.

GB3OA is normally linked to Wires-X room SW-LANCS (number 05324).

YSF reflector GB-SW-LANCS is RF bridged (C4FM only) to Wires-X room SW-LANCS (number 05234).

XLX704 (Module A), providing both C4FM and DMR (but not yet D-Star) is also available. It is linked to YSF Reflector GB-SW_LANCS.