​ GB3OA IRLP and Echolink 5302 nodes unavailable

The dedicated server for these two nodes now has an unrecoverable fault. It may be some time before the fault is cleared.
Some users of Echolink may not realise there is a Catch-22 situation when using Echolink on both this node and all other nodes. If you try to connect and cannot it’s because there is a QSO already going on. If you can connect OK then there is no QSO on the repeater and you should call CQ with your callsign, as normal. Otherwise there is no point in connecting…..
Apologies to all of the users that use IRLP and Echolink. Users of Echolink in the North West may be able to access GB3OA directly using a base station, mobile rig, or HT. Those operators that visit Southport will find that GB3OA has excellent RF  coverage in the Town Centre, along the Promenade, the extensive beach and to the end of the pier and this can continue into the ‘burbs.

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