The Simple Way to have good comms with GB3OA

It’s been noticed in the logs and heard on air that users have been having problems with DTMF tones and OA recognising them.

Most repeaters in the UK are now narrow FM using 12.5kHz filters in the receiver and OA is no exception. So, if your rig is set to wide FM your DTMF tones will be clipped and distorted by the OA receiver. Some may get through and be recognised but others won’t, and you’ll be left wondering why OA is not responding.

All recent rigs have a menu option for wide or narrow FM and obviously for good comms this should be set to narrow.

The same goes for voice communication. Your audio could well be badly clipped and at the distant end of the IRLP contact the op may have problems. This usually shows up when the op keeps wanting you to repeat your callsign. Shouting down the mic only makes the situation worse. Either backing off from the mic or making sure your rig is set to narrow FM is the answer.

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