Spectacular IRLP QSO!

As you know, GB3OA through IRLP and Echolink and DTMF tones can communicate with other repeaters throughout the world. There are some truly interesting locales, like Wagga Wagga (6260) in Australia, or Palmer Station (8838) in the Antarctic, but it seems that Steve M0SPI (Mawdesley) has at least equalled this by contacting new repeater 9N1SP (5511) in Kathmandu, Nepal at the foot of Everest!

The repeater is on 2m and only a month old, mounted on a building of the Pulchowk Engineering Campus at Tribhuvan University. It’s been set up in answer to the recent earthquake disaster there to help with comms in any further disasters, just the same as GB3OA is mounted on a protected and secured building and available to Southport & District RAYNET during emergencies.

Steve’s first contact was with Bejay 9N1KB, one of the students at the University, and added to by Ajay 9N1AJ, also a student. Then, Steve paused for any callers on OA and David G4TUP joined the net. The audio quality and signal strengths of their rigs came through perfectly and over the 50 minutes a number of topics were covered – birthday celebrations, web sites, Southport itself and of course the weather.

Users of 9N1SP are now looking for contacts and welcome a continued connection with GB3OA. So feel free to dial in 5511, remembering the time difference – they’re 5 hours ahead.

Further details can be found at:


And further details of the use of GB3OA by Southport & District RAYNET Group here:


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