Nodes update

As mentioned in the previous news item the nodes had to be taken off-air last Wednesday, two days ago. After lowering the mast and aerial for the nodes in the gusty wind, a brief inspection revealed that they had suffered to some extent with the salt air. Some refurbishment therefore needs to take place but this needs to be done in dry conditions. The weather forecast for today (Friday) is for virtually continual rain and gusty conditions so unfortunately the refurbishment will have to be delayed until tomorrow (Saturday), when the weather is forecast to improve substantially over the weekend.

The repeater keepers apologise for this downtime, as there are a number of regulars as well as visitors to the town and world-wide connections who use the nodes. These include G3SEA/KH6 (Hawaii), VK5ACX (Adelaide),  G0RLT/VE6 (Canada), and closer to home GW1SXT (Pontypool) and G3PNQ (Parbold).

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