Let’s Get it Right. IRLP and Echolink.

I’m sure we all want GB3OA’s transmission quality and abilities to be top-notch. With this in mind we’ve decided to keep the IRLP and Echolink nodes off the air until later tomorrow. This has the advantage that all changes are instigated in one testing block, rather than disrupting the nodes several times over a period.

At certain points you may hear David Cameron (yes, really!) VE7LTD transmitting audio tests. Thanks, but there is no need to respond with a report as he is being monitored by us (but those who do we understand it’s only natural to come back with a report 🙂 )

Looking at the coverage page on the GB3OA website the repeater covers a huge swathe of the North Wales coast, N.Liverpool, coastal and inland Lancashire, and the South Lakes. From all these areas GB3OA has users…. and so we want it to be the best.

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