GB3OA update – interlinking

IRLP and Echolink interlinking will be switched on on Christmas Day and New Years Eve. The repeater will be closely monitored for any faults occuring. Should this happen users must be prepared for OA to be then turned off pretty swiftly. However, should things progress well interlinking may be switched on as decided on the fly.

The repeater keepers respectfully request that if OA is linked to a reflector that the traffic be worldwide and not local QSOs. US hams especially get irritated by this, and as the Head of IRLP is usually listening in on New Years Eve he can block OA’s connection into a reflector if need be. If you are local to GB3OA and wish to converse with someone locally and the repeater is linked up elsewhere, please move to a simplex frequency e.g. 145.450.

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