Blackpool….. covered!

Those amateurs visiting or living in Blackpool will be interested to know that we’ve now heard that Blackpool is just about fully covered by OA. This is after receiving useful information on signal levels from OA around and about the town….

Ian 2E0EDX emailed to say:

I have been accessing the Southport repeater for a few days now with the intention of trying out IRLP in the coming weeks ahead. I have also worked Ronnie M3KDO on a couple of occasions.

On looking at the repeater website it makes mention to contacting you with regards to the repeater coverage. I can definately say that I receive the repeater 56 report with no white noise from most parts of Blackpool while /M. I can also receive the repeater from north Blackpool in the Thornton Cleveleys area again while /M at a 53 report.

Hope this helps and I look forward to using the repeater more often in 2014.

Thanks to Ian for that. It would be interesting in the future to find out who the first two holiday visitors are to have a QSO from the end of the pier Southport, to the end of one of the piers Blackpool, via OA! There’ll be a Certificate in it for them both! Please post your interesting QSOs via OA to David G4TUP, Head of Quirky and Unusual QSOs Via OA – david (at) norris (dot) org

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