Internet Linking QRV on GB3OA

The node rebuild is complete, at least in its simplest form. IRLP and EchoLink (by use of EchoIRLP) is now active again on GB3OA.

There are no “bells and whistles”, no fancy voice announcements etc, just the basics. So, to connect to an IRLP node, dial its 4 digit Node number. To reach an EchoLink node, dial its number prefixed by a “#”.

The audio levels have been set roughly, and may need a little tweak, so any reports are welcomed.

For now (as before), the node is located remote from the repeater, although plans will be made to move this to the repeater site before too long. This will involve some hardware changes with the repeater.

More information will be made available on the GB3OA Internet Linking Page as it becomes available.

73 to all, and enjoy.

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