GB3OA world wide New Year’s Eve party!

New Year’s Eve party reflector 9200

Just a reminder that all amateurs within range of GB3OA are welcome throughout the day and night of tomorrow, New Year’s Eve, to connect to GB3OA and enjoy the world wide celebration of the New Year as it passes each country. Those amateurs on their own are especially welcome. Have fun!

From Philip G8XVV, David G4TUP and Mark G4EID.

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Season’s Greetings

Wishing all users and listeners of GB3OA a very merry Christmas!  Why not pop on or listen out for activity over the forthcoming days!

It’s likely GB3OA will connect up to the New Year’s Eve party on Reflector 9200. An announcement has recently been published on the IRLP users group. See below.

For those that want to join in, please remember you’ll have a world wide audience!

Have fun! From Philip G8XVV, David G4TUP and Mark G4EID.

Continuing the annual tradition, all IRLPdom is invited to the annual New Year’s eve QSO party on Reflector 9200.  This event gets started at 1030 UTC (0530 EST) December 31 2013 and continues until 1030 UTC January 1 2014.
Connect to 9200 and stay as long as you like.  No net control stations, simply follow the New Year celebrations around the world, from New Zealand to Hawaii.
This event is hosted by the Digital Radio Experimenters Group (the DREGs) and the K9IP repeaters in Indianapolis. All IRLP nodes are welcome!

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Internet Linking Twitter Updates

The twitter feed of the repeater @GB3OA now contains an update every time the repeater becomes connected to a remote node or station. If you are subscribed on your smartphone to GB3OA on twitter you’ll receive the following  information:

  • which system is being used to connect to GB3OA – either IRLP or EchoLink
  • the number of the IRLP node or Echolink station
  • the location (if available) for that node or station

Have fun!

Phil, Mark and David.

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Internet Linking QRV on GB3OA

The node rebuild is complete, at least in its simplest form. IRLP and EchoLink (by use of EchoIRLP) is now active again on GB3OA.

There are no “bells and whistles”, no fancy voice announcements etc, just the basics. So, to connect to an IRLP node, dial its 4 digit Node number. To reach an EchoLink node, dial its number prefixed by a “#”.

The audio levels have been set roughly, and may need a little tweak, so any reports are welcomed.

For now (as before), the node is located remote from the repeater, although plans will be made to move this to the repeater site before too long. This will involve some hardware changes with the repeater.

More information will be made available on the GB3OA Internet Linking Page as it becomes available.

73 to all, and enjoy.

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Good levels of activity

We’re pleased to hear a number of amateurs giving GB3OA a go. So far, the results look pretty encouraging judging by the locations of the stations we’ve heard. It’s still early days, but there the signs are encouraging! Many thanks to all those who have taken the time to get on and give their valuable reports. Let’s hope we can continue to keep the activity going 🙂

A new (to the repeater) PC has been obtained, and the internet linking “Node” rebuild is now in progress. The bad news is that we forgot that one of the Node requirements was that the PC needs a legacy parallel printer port to function. Guess it’s fair to say the latest flavour of PC’s have moved onto USB now. No matter, an approprisate piece of hardware has been ordered off eBay. Just hope it works when it’s plugged in!

More information will be provided on this web site regarding the linking as it becomes available.

73 to all.

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