GB3OA – Status ‘Off Air’

Just a short update, the repeater appears to have suffered a power supply failure. Further investigation will be undertaken this weekend. A working spare (power supply module) is available so assuming we can establish that is the only fault, it’s likely we can have it back on before Monday.

Any further updates will be posted here.

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2 Responses to GB3OA – Status ‘Off Air’

  1. Peter Csorba says:

    Hey guys….were in your area for the weekend and can’t find the repeater on echolink, am I missing something or is it off line. Many thanks

    • GB3OA says:

      Hi Pete, apologies, the internet linking has remained offline for some time now. We’re actively looking at a replacement repeater at the moment, we’ve not decided yet on what, but currently it’s between an MMDVM based system or a C4FM box. In the meantime I’ll update the ukrepeater web site.
      Best regards, Mark.

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