A change to the use of Echolink

There’s been a small change to a custom decode Echolink script at GB3OA repeater that should help local Echolink users.

The original IRLP/Echolink server required outgoing echolink request connections to be prefaced by the hash (#) symbol. With the new server software this changed to the star (*). This confused users but its change was detailed on both the GB3OA news page and the internet-linking page.

Looking at the logs many outbound echolink requests are still trying to use the hash symbol before eventually finding that the star symbol works instead. So to stop this confusion an addition to the DTMF custom decode script has now been added allowing either the hash or star symbol to work.

For example, to now connect GB3OA to GB3CA (Carlisle) both #412685 and *412685 will work.

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