GB3OA Off-Air

Owing to problems on the receive side OA has had to be taken off-air for the present. The Stream will continue to run.

Watch here or listen on The Stream for when OA returns.

Latest details on RAYNET use of GB3OA on 31st August

Specifics have now been finalised for the Rotary Walk between North Liverpool and Southport on 31st August 2014 when RAYNET will have exclusive use of GB3OA.

The times of RAYNET’s use will now be 08.30 BST until at least 16.00 BST (07.30 UTC till 15.00 UTC).

As before, IRLP and Echolink interlinking will not be available between these times, but the Shoutcast stream will not be affected.

RAYNET use of GB3OA during August 2014

There will be a Southport RAYNET Emergency Service practice session on the repeater from approx. 18.45 til 20.15 BST on Wednesday August 20th.

And on Sunday 31st August RAYNET will be engaged on a local Rotary walk from approx. 08.00 till 14.00 BST.

During both these events the repeater will be handed over completely to RAYNET, interlinking will be cut, and it will be appreciated if non-RAYNET operators forgo using GB3OA.

The Shoutcast stream will not be affected and continue as normal.

Decision – no ads to be on our Shoutcast stream

We send the Stream data signal to Shoutcast via an intermediary which we pay for. However, Shoutcast have now informed us that we can send our stream direct to them for free – but they would put adverts on our stream every hour.

We’ve discussed this and made the decision not to use the free service, as we feel that our regular listeners who leave the stream running most of the day would not appreciate adverts every hour.

Stream Hardware Now Moved

The Stream hardware has now been moved to its new location.

It communicates into the Internet via wifi which works well. However, the RF received signal strength is not as good as expected and there is little room to move the aerial, so for now there will be a small amount of noise on the received signal. Please feel free to comment on your thoughts on this.