RAYNET connections

GB3OA in Southport is in a secure position close to the railway station. One of the reasons that Repeater Keeper Mark G4EID has been able to obtain the use of this location complimentarily is because it is ideal to render emergency communications in case of insurgencies and major emergencies. When there are such incidents the repeater would be used for emergency use only and handed over to the Southport & District RSGB RAYNET Emergency Service.

It is quite possible that when such an incident occurs that mobile phone and landline communications will become severed, as well as electricity supplies. The building where GB3OA is housed is shortly to have a large UPS installed which will not only ensure that on loss of mains electricity the building’s electronics continue, but that also GB3OA can continue to run as normal for many hours.

Also, the good coverage of GB3OA will ensure that hand held and mobile RAYNET Emergency Service communications will guarantee communications alongside the  emergency services, as well as communications from within temporary local centres of aid such as schools, church halls, gyms etc.

Information about exercises using GB3OA to keep RAYNET operators in training are shown below.


Sunday 9th February 2014
09.00 UTC till approximately 14.30 UTC

GB3OA was handed  over to the Southport RAYNET Emergency Service for training of operators during the Mad Dog Run event.

This event is not where dogs run their owners but the name comes from the nickname of a now deceased Southport runner. The route was from Stanley School in Marshside, along the coast road, around the Marine Lake and return. There were five RAYNET operating positions.

The use of GB3OA on this occasion not only provided communications over the area used, but also tested its suitability for future events and emergency situations,  gaining knowledge of any problems or downfalls.

Interlinking was closed during the event.

map02 for web site_______________________________________________________

Sunday 31st August 2014
08.00 UTC till approximately 13.00 UTC

(Message Procedure Practice – Wednesday 20th August 2014
18.00 UTC till approximately 19.00 UTC)

GB3OA was handed over to the Southport & District RSGB RAYNET Emergency Service for training of operators during the Southport Rotary Walk event.

The route began at Hall Road HM Coastguard Station, through Altcar Training Camp, then along the beach to Victoria Park, Southport. There were two other start positions available – Freshfield railway station and Ainsdale railway station – which were also covered by RAYNET.

The use of GB3OA on this occasion tested its coverage towards North Liverpool, and also along the beach.

Interlinking was closed during the event, however the Shoutcast stream ran as normal and enabled listeners around the world to listen in.

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